Virtual Event Streaming

The current, sudden absence of live events has only made their significance more apparent. Though people miss live experiences and will certainly return to them, it’s a long road ahead. Audiences are growing to understand and expect digital options, making them a necessary tool that will remain relevant even when in-person events return.

This is a moment for the events industry to not only adapt, but transform and revolutionize.

Frost Productions has taken the necessary steps to be at the forefront of the digital event revolution. We view digital as a new and exciting aspect of the experience that requires strategy and care, rather than just a temporary replacement of in-person.

Whether you’re creating an entirely pre-recorded virtual production, hosting a hybrid event with both in-person and virtual attendees, or just want to stream a wedding so that grandma can be involved, Frost Productions has the tools to make your streaming a success.

  • Digital Event Planning and Strategy
  • Streaming Platform Management
  • Streaming and Recording Equipment and Experts
  • Video Production
  • In-Person Audio / Visual Enhancement
  • Virtual Presenter Coaching
  • NYC Virtual Event Streaming

Next@ACER 2019

In 2019, Frost had the exciting opportunity to provide live streaming for the Acer Global Press Conference. This was an incredible project in which we used multiple camera angles, switching in real-time throughout the conference. The video currently has over 25,000 views on YouTube, an impressive number of impressions to add to the already impactful in-person attendance.